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It’s astonishing how few individuals have a spare key and end up stranded when they’re locked out of their house or misplace their keys. Homeowners, business owners, and auto owners, to mention a few, all benefit from having a spare key.

Spare Keys Avoid Lockouts

Lockouts can happen to anyone, and they are at best inconvenient, so it is better to be prepared for one before it happens. Not only would having an extra key save you time and money, but it will also come in handy in an emergency.
It is not uncommon to hear parents on the phone, worried, because they have locked their young child inside their home while putting out the trash! It just takes a split second of inattention to leave you stranded in a lockout situation.

Spare Keys Save Money

As a homeowner, car owner, or company owner, having a backup key can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you already have a spare key (or several extra keys), you can avoid the costs of calling a locksmith, missing an important meeting, or closing your business for a few hours because no one can get in. The disadvantages of not having a spare key outweigh the benefits of having one.
If you lose your keys, they break, or they are simply missing from your life, you will almost certainly need the services of a locksmith. When this happens, you’ll almost always need a door unlocked or a key extracted, and the expenses will, of course, be higher than getting a spare key cut.

Spare Keys Are Convenient

When a homeowner just has one set of keys and has numerous individuals living under their roof, it’s difficult for everyone to rely on one person to lock and open doors all of the time. Because there are so many people using one key, it also raises the risk of keys being lost.
Every individual is accountable for their own key when a spare key is present, and it provides for much more convenient access to places. Master key systems can be used by homeowners and commercial business owners who are worried about limiting access. Any skilled Locksmith should be able to answer any inquiries you may have.

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